DJ Savage Portrait Image

DJ Savage's Current Equipment


  • - Asus , Quad Core 2.6ghz, 4 gig memory, 17" HD Screen (For music producing)
  • - ASUS G Series G73SW-XN2 Intel Core i7 2630QM(2.00GHz) 17.3" 8GB Memory 500GB HDD NVIDIA GeForce GTX 460M Notebook (For Streaming Music while DJing)
  • Software:
  • - Virtual DJ Pro 7.04 - Using 4 Decks
  • - Reason 4
  • - Pro Tools 7


  • - Numark NS7FX
  • - Hercules RMX Console/Mixer
  • - UCEE-3 9 Track Sampler
  • - Vocalist 2 Compressor
  • - Oxygen 25 Keyboard
  • - Roland X8 Phantom Keyboard
  • - Mackie VLZ12 Mixer
  • - M-Audio Pre USB Mobile
  • - Event Monitors TR-8's
  • - JBL Eon 315's
  • - SM57
  • - SM58
  • - Pioneer HDJ-2000 Headphones

A Little About DJ Savage

First off, thank you for checking out my website! Formal introductions, I am Savage Thorne, AKA DJ Savage. I've been DJing over 2 years, both in SL and offline. During this time I have found a true passion and calling to the music and art of DJing.

What he does?

I mostly DJ club dance, RnB, Hip hop, techno, trance and house. I live mix all my tunes. I'll take orginal songs and loop them with the fore mentioned. Examples of this are: U2, Metallica, Micheal Jackson, Linkin Park, Johnny Cash, and much more.

I love to DJ, its about the music, the freedom of expression and making that crowd on the floor shout for more.

Pet Peeve?

Don't use DJing as a way to get attention or for personal gain. You are not DJing for the right reasons and chances are you'll never amount to more then another joe schmo DJ if you do.

Come listen to my sets and feel the music. Great fun is to be had by all between the tunage, dancers, hostesses, and good company.

I have a great staff including:

Shiloah Denimore - Manager

Curlee Vita - Team Advisor

Madragal Poppy - Webmaster and Graphic artist

Boaz Sands - Clothing Designer

Zannah Alter - Host/Dancer